Let's talk about the issues.


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I believe in Medicare For All, plain and simple. Not a watered-down version of a public buy-in option, or some other obfuscation, but Medicare For All. When you have companies making profit off of peoples' sickness, it is a direct conflict of interest. They have no incentive to care about your health.

Naysayers will usually have one of these arguments against it. Why don't we go through them:


"It's too expensive." No, it's really not. The same Koch-funded study critics like to cite, saying that it costs $32.6 trillion (over 10 years), also says later in that very same study that our current system costs $34 trillion. Did you catch that? Moving to MFA would actually save the country $2 trillion. There is another study that estimates the savings even higher at $5 trillion, but you won't hear that on cable news.

"What if people want to keep their insurance plans that they like? Medicare For All eliminates free choice!" Let me rephrase that from a different perspective: "What if people want to keep their deductibles, monthly insurance premiums, and co-pays?" Sounds a little ridiculous, right? Because it is - people don't 'like' their insurance plan, they like their doctors. They like their hospitals. Medicare For All still allows you to go to whatever doctor or hospital you'd like. In fact, it increases choice, as you don't have to worry about any particular provider being in your 'coverage network', they all are. Also, most companies will switch insurance plans once every three years to save on costs, so even if you hypothetically did 'like' your plan, it would end up getting changed anyway.

"What about all of the insurance workers who would be out of a job?" Good question, I'm glad you asked. This is the most concerning issue to be had with Medicare For All. Automation and AI are on the horizon and among the jobs at risk of automation are those in the insurance industry, so regardless of whether MFA is enacted or not, many people will be displaced. For any proposed M4A legislation, I would press for inclusions of low-level worker protections. A good example, is a previous bill in the House, H.R.676, which prioritized the retraining and job placement for affected workers. It also guaranteed up to two years of salary compensation to make sure nobody is left behind. 


D.C. Corruption

Why do you think Congress has a 15% approval rating and a whopping 75% disapproval rating? Where do I begin... When you have representatives taking campaign donations from companies and industries, then passing legislation that directly benefits those companies and industries, it is a problem. When you have representatives who get lobbied to pass bills and then go on to become lobbyists themselves for the same companies and industries, it is a problem. When you have representatives voting against legislation that the majority of Americans are in favor of, it is a problem. When you have representatives who would rather shut the government down rather than compromise and hold thousands of families' livelihoods hostage while they continue to get paid, it is a problem. 

The reality is, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of considering corporations donating to political campaigns 'free speech', what they really did is just legalize bribery. With the way things are right now most congressmen and women seem to only represent those with the biggest wallet instead of their actual constituents. Money =/= speech and if we want to have any chance of passing good legislation, we need to End Citizens United.

I am proud to refuse any and all Corporate PAC money, and on top of that any and all corporate bundling donation schemes. My vote will not be bought.


Climate Change

Climate change is real folks, and South Carolina will be on the front lines of it. The economic and environmental damage this will cause is staggering. According to the NOAA sea level rise viewer, with only 4 feet of sea level rise, almost the entire Port Authority in Charleston will be under water. Some studies have estimated between 6.6'-8.9' of sea level rise by 2100. A 2015 study found that the economic output of the SCPA was $53 billion - likely even higher now.


For all of the climate skeptics out there, I would urge you to watch this incredibly informative video on the subject. It is a bit long, but the subject matter requires an in depth look:

If you're still not convinced, I would encourage that you watch other videos on his channel - he goes in depth and includes links to all of his sources in the video description. Now that that's out of the way, the question is, what do we do about it? 

We need to take aggressive action to mitigate and reverse carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This includes, obviously, more widely employing renewable energies, but also investing in new technologies that actually remove carbon from the atmosphere. There is a technology in early stages now that can remove carbon at an estimated rate of $100 per ton. There are estimates that we subsidize the oil industry of up to $5 trillion per year. We need to immediately take those funds and reinvest them into technologies that can make a difference.


In South Carolina specifically, we can and should, create an offshore wind farm. This would not only create a lot of needed jobs and power for the state in light of the recent nuclear plant failure, but a study in 2014 found that offshore wind turbines actually disrupt dangerous storms like hurricanes, potentially greatly reducing their impact by the time they reach the coast. The future is in our hands and we have to act, for the sake of ourselves, our children, and the planet.


Other Policies

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Sensible Immigration Reform

  • Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

  • End Regime-Change Wars

  • Ban on Congressman-to-Lobbyist Career Move & Vice Versa

  • Ban Glyphosate (aka Roundup)

  • No Congressional or Presidential Pay During Government Shutdowns

  • Public Financing of Elections

  • Amend the 13th Amendment to remove the imprisoned clause

  • Decriminalize Drug Use (Portuegese Model)

  • $15 Minimum Wage

  • Support Rank-Choice Voting

  • Expand Social Security

  • Progressive Tax Reform

  • Invest in Infrastructure

  • End Free Labor at For-Profit Prisons

  • Abolish the Electoral College

  • Implement Financial Literacy Classes in High School

  • End Civil Asset Forfeiture

  • DC Statehood

  • Common-sense Gun Regulation

  • End Corporate Tax Havens

  • Break-up 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Banks

  • End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

  • Repeal Unconstitutional Anti-BDS Laws

  • Reparations for the Descendants of Slaves

  • Make Voting Day a National Holiday

  • Universal Public Broadband Internet

  • Puerto Rico Statehood

  • Universal Basic Income (UBI)